Choose the size of clothes and shoes for dogs: measurements, tables, features

Choose the size of clothes and shoes for dogs: measurements, tables, features

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Many dog owners mistakenly believe that pets need clothing exclusively for aesthetic purposes.

Undoubtedly, it’s nice when a furry pet walks along the street in a new chic overalls,

and passers-by turn around and turn around, smile at your miracle. But first of all, the dog needs

clothes in order to warm and protect from the weather during the cold season. Many breeds - for example,

Chihuahua, York, Terrier - are very cold even when the weather is warm outside.

Fortunately, in modern outfit stores there are plenty of outfits for your favorite pets.

In order to choose the right sweater, jumpsuit, raincoat, dress - you will need to initially

determine the size. In this article, you will learn how to find out the size of a dog for clothes,

as well as how to choose the most convenient kit.

                                                           Sizes of clothing for dogs: determine correctly

As for people, clothing for animals is sewn exclusively in size. Overalls, sweaters, jackets,

boots - all this is done taking into account the anatomical features of the dog. That is why

you will not find dimensionless things for your pet on sale. The ideal option is to try on things

before making a purchase. But this opportunity, unfortunately, is far from everyone, in addition,

prices in such stores are usually overpriced. That is why the owners of four-legged pets are

increasingly shopping for clothes in online stores.

Such stores provide customers with the opportunity to choose according to size table (grid)

clothing for dogs by breed. To correctly and clearly navigate, you need to know the exact

measurements of your pet.

                                                       How to measure a dog for clothes

Measures for clothing must be removed as follows:

                 - the pet should be level, the centimeter should not squeeze the body too much,

                  but also should not sag;

                 - measure the volume of the chest, the centimeter should be placed under the front paws

                  with a small overlap on the shoulder blades;

                - measure the length of the back, position a centimeter from the neck (approximately

                  at the level where the collar is worn) to the beginning of the tail. One of the most common

                  mistakes is to include the neck and tail itself in measuring the length of the back;

                 - also, for some models you need to know how many centimeters is the volume of the neck.

To the resulting parameters, you can add a 2-4 cm margin so that your pet feels as

comfortable as possible in the new thing. If according to the table presented on the website

of the online store in which you want to make an order, the result fluctuates between

two sizes - choose the one that is larger.

             Consider also:

           - if you took measurements, chose the size (XS, S, L or XL) ordered the clothes, and she came up - it’s not

                at all necessary that the next purchase will be just as successful. Each manufacturer adheres to its own standards,

                and by no means always the sizes of dog clothes coincide. That is why, before each purchase, be sure to check

                the table. Also keep in mind that the size S for the French bulldog, staff, dachshund and spitz is different,

                especially when it comes to ordering in Chinese online stores;

              - if you buy clothes for a puppy, you need to take measurements every time;

              - such things as overalls, raincoat, panties - it is better to take a size larger (if the difference in centimeters is small).

                Dresses, t-shirts, sweaters will best fit size to size;

              - The table of parameters for dog clothes by breed does not always correspond to reality.

                                                                     Determine the size of the shoes for the dog

Recently, various boots and boots for dogs have become very popular. To some, this seems

ridiculous, to some too fanciful, but overall - dog shoes are a great solution for bad weather.

Firstly, you can walk with a furry friend much longer, he will not be cold. Secondly, you don’t

have to spend a lot of time washing the dirt off your feet in rainy weather.

Dog shoes also have certain sizes.

Measuring a pet’s foot is not easy. To make accurate measurements, it is best to first circle

one of the legs with a pencil on paper, and then make accurate measurements. Another

interesting way to measure the foot of a small dog is to wet it with water and make an imprint.

Next, measure the width and length of the resulting print, and then check with the table

of sizes on the manufacturer's website.

                                                    What is the best thing to buy for a dog

The most comfortable clothing for a dog of any breed is jumpsuit. If you want to buy
an option for winter, choose overalls with a good insulation, excellent models can be found
on our website VRSboutique. But keep in mind that insulated overalls are suitable only for short-haired breeds,
Spitz, for example, in such clothes it will be hot. Models with a hood and a hem look very
beautiful and stylish.
Lighter options made of waterproof material are perfect for the fall and spring season.
One of the most versatile options is a sweatshirt. It is suitable for the cold season, and for
cool summer evenings. In addition, such models do not constrain movements at all, and it will
be easy for your pet to run for a walk.

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